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Birthdate:Feb 25

This is the first song for your mixtape, and it's short just like your temper, [info]somewhatgolden like the afternoons we used to spend before you got too cool.

I am first and foremost a Brand New fan. Everything else is secondary.

I go to college. I'm an English major. I'm a sister of Phi Mu. I love Food Network. I would like to be the future Mrs. Nick Jonas. I check punditkitchen daily. I love to read. My ipod is my savior. I enjoy school. I'm from Philadelphia.

I'm a peace loving, bob dylan hating, beatles worshipping, techie hippie. I'm a girl who wishes she could be a vegetarian, but won't eat anything green, a jew who loves bacon. I'm a friend and a lover, I'm a bitch and an acquired taste. I have 3 siblings, and 35 sisters. I love to laugh, I enjoy a good cry. I love boys, I love girls, and I identify as pansexual. I'm basically a walking contradiction, and in the words of Meredith Brooks, you wouldn't have it any other way. I like people who think John Wilkes Booth jokes are funny, who correct the grammar of others, and people who make obscure references to history and pop culture in daily conversation.

I say things that I think are witty until I hear or read them later, and then I feel like a huge toolbag.

I'm a free bitch, baby
Fandom & Livejournal related things

I ship the-entire-Disney-Channel/the-entire-Disney-Channel, a bunch of Skins stuff, a bunch of HP stuff, Joick, Puckurt, Kradam & Lambliff. I tend to obsess over little deatils, like Nick Jonas' hair, and Adam Lambert's hands.

My journal contains incoherant ramblings, frank statements of people I would like to have sex with (but no graphic detail of actual sex), complaints and minimal actual substance. I say things that some people might find funny. I find them to be the truth. I'm friendly and I comment. I have filters for fandoms, so you won't get my gushing unless you want it.

If I know you in real life, I'm not going to add you back, sorry.
Where you'll find me

I will most likely be found at [info]teamlambliff, [info]ontd_ai, or [info]beepxbeepxbeep
I proudly support Hufflepuff @ [info]hogwartsishome. GET SORTED

All of my icons can be found at [info]fame_excess
[info]iam_amazed is the combined baby of myself and my twin, [info]lovejimmywilly.
[info]puckurt is my own bastard child, but [info]nowheretogo26 helps me keep it in shape.

I can be found on tumblr, dreamwidth&twitter

Mood theme: [info]4prongedfork
Stylesheet: [info]refuted
Header, color codes, profile info & pretty much everything else: [info]somewhatgolden

profile codes are mine [info]somewhatgolden

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